Upgrade Your Home Gym with Top-Quality TKO Equipment

Upgrade Your Home Gym with Top-Quality TKO Equipment

When building a home gym, you need to get only the best equipment. With top-quality equipment, you can ensure you’ll get the best results from your workouts. Plus, quality means that you can use them for a long time. For the highest quality, go for reputable manufacturers and brands, like TKO Strength & Performance.

This article will provide information to learn more about the brand. Discover their background and what type of equipment they produce and offer. Above all, determine which specific TKO equipment models you should get for your home gym and workouts.


About TKO Strength & Performance

In 1996, TKO Strength & Performance started as a boxing equipment company. Only two years later, they started delving into fitness equipment and more, leading to where they are today. Now, they have a wide selection of boxing and fitness equipment to help people navigate and achieve their fitness goals.

Types of Fitness Equipment TKO Offers

To determine whether TKO has the suitable equipment for your fitness requirements, here are several types of equipment they offer available for you:

  • Treadmill

This is the most common form of cardio equipment. You can use it to walk, jog, or run in place at a specific speed and inclination. With this, you can burn calories in your preferred settings.

  • Exercise Bike

This is another cardio equipment that will let you bike or cycle in place in an indoor setting. It mostly provides lower-body and low-impact workouts and comes in multiple styles.

  • Rower

This is also called a rower machine or ergometer. It’s designed to emulate the action of watercraft rowing, providing a low-impact and full-body cardio workout.

  • Dumbbell

This is an obvious pick for weight training. Dumbbells come in different weights so that you can use them for various exercises.

  • Leg Extension Machine

This is a strength and building equipment that focuses on your quadriceps. With this, you can improve your leg power and tone your muscles.


Top Quality TKO Equipment to Get for Your Home Gym

TKO offers a wide range of high-quality and durably made fitness equipment, encompassing various types. For your best options, here are the brand’s top equipment that you can add to your home gym:

TKO AirRaid Bike

This is an exercise bike that’s best known for its durable construction. It has a tough frame with a commercial-level design and a modern look. It also has a console that comes with different interval training programs that you can follow for CrossFit and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It even comes with transport wheels for ease of mobility, which is advantageous if you love to re-organize your home gym from time to time.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 48.75 x 26 x 54.6 inches
  • Weight: 141 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

What We Love About It:

  • Four-way smart seat adjustments
  • It comes with footpegs for upper-body workout
  • Stylish, sleek appearance
  • Frame warranty for 5 years and 2 years for parts

TKO VKR Power Tower - Pull-Up & Dip Station

This commercial VKR Power Tower will be a good addition to your home gym if you’re looking for challenging equipment. Its design will surely challenge you to use your body weight to train and tone your abs, chest, back, and arms. As a pull-up and dip bar station, you can also use it for different moves and exercises.

This equipment features a wide base design to ensure stability while working out. Plus, its unique front design will allow you to perform all exercises. It’s available in graphite or black color. Getting this tower would be like having multiple workout stations at home.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 42 x 92 inches
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity: Not Specified

What We Love About It:

  • Coated, non-slip handles for better grip
  • Rubber feet to protect your floors
  • 11-gauge steel frame construction
  • Cushion with high-grade vinyl upholstery
  • Frame warranty for 10 years and 1 year for parts

TKO Achieve Dual Leg Press/Calf Raise Machine 250-Lb Weight Stack

This Dual Leg Press/Calf Raise Machine is a cost-effective piece of equipment to get if you want to do multiple exercises with just one machine. With this machine, you can perform leg presses and calf presses. The best part is that you only need a compact floor space at home for this equipment. It also has a low-profile step-through design for ease of use.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 76 x 45 x 60 inches
  • Weight: 495 lbs
  • Weight Stack: 250 lbs

What We Love About It:

  • Six-position back pad adjustments
  • It comes with a simple and easy-to-read placard with training tips
  • Thick upholstery
  • Durable tubing frame
  • Streamlined, modern look

TKO AirRaid Runner

This is TKO’s treadmill and it’s a self-powered type. This means that it’s a manual treadmill, you alone can power and make it move. This is a good option if you’re trying to save on your utility bills. This Runner has four levels of resistance that you can use for higher-intensity interval training.

Plus, its belt is designed in a way that offers smooth and quiet movement when you’re walking, jogging, or running on the treadmill. Like TKO’s bike, the console of this equipment is also equipped with interval training programs for good CrossFit and HIIT sessions.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 68 x 32 x 67 inches
  • Weight: 297 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

What We Love About It:

  • Amazing magnetic resistance
  • It comes with transport wheels for easy moving
  • High-quality and durable build
  • Frame warranty for 5 years and 2 years for parts

TKO Gummi Dumbbell Set W/ Rack

You can also start your home gym simply with this dumbbell set. It already comes with a rack specifically designed to accommodate and support the weight of the dumbbells. With this, you can keep your equipment clean and organized. It will also help you maximize your floor space at home. For your reference, this set includes 8 pairs of dumbbells so you can choose the ideal weight for your workout.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 68 x 32 x 67 inches
  • Dumbbell Weights: 2.5lb, 5lb, 7.5lb, 10lb, 12.5lb, 15lb, 20lb and 25lb

What We Love About It:

  • Heavy-duty powder-coated rack
  • Space-saving footprint
  • Injection molded to protect all dumbbells
  • Urethane aerobic dumbbells with snug-grip handles
  • Dumbbells come in different colors



TKO Strength & Performance makes and offers a wide range of fitness equipment. With their massive selection, you can surely find one that you can add to your home gym. Plus, all TKO machines and equipment are made durable and with the highest quality so you can surely use them for a long time. For more worthwhile investments, you can visit our TKO equipment collection.