Cleto Reyes Gloves - A Comprehensive Review

Cleto Reyes Gloves - A Comprehensive Review

If you're into boxing or just getting started, it's important to think about the gear you use for training. The quality of your gloves really depends on who makes them. If you want the best gloves from a top brand, Cleto Reyes is one of the most well-known brands in boxing, making it an excellent selection for you.

Cleto Reyes gloves are renowned for their exceptional comfort and quality. A comprehensive review is presented to understand what these gloves can bring. Learn more about their pros and cons regarding durability, style, protection, and more. Use this review to make an informed purchase decision.


About Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Cleto Reyes is a family-owned business based out of Mexico. Although the first Cleto Reyes boxing gloves were first used in a world championship in 1945, the brand only started distributing gloves in the U.S. in 1965.

However, it was not until 1975 that it was officially registered for the brand trademark. Since then, many world-renowned fighters like Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao, and Oscar de la Hoya have used these boxing gloves.

The brand offers a wide variety of boxing gloves for different situations. These include:

  • Professional Boxing Gloves: These are used for official fights and are authorized by different boxing commissions.

  • Training Boxing Gloves: These are used for different training needs and come in various types, like hook and loop, bag gloves, kid gloves, and more.

  • Amateur Boxing Gloves: These are also used for competitions and are approved by the U.S.A. Boxing.

Cleto Reyes Gloves Review - Features and Quality

This guide reviewed the gloves offered by Cleto Reyes in the following areas to ensure you get top-quality products.

Craftsmanship and Material

All products manufactured by Cleto Reyes are hand-made in Mexico using high-quality cowhide leather. Unlike other gloves in the market, these Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are made of premium leather in all parts. This applies to all types and sizes of gloves from the brand. For example, the Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Gloves are made under strict quality control with cow leather.

On the other hand, the brand's professional boxing gloves are also stuffed with horsehair for more accurate punching. Some are made with high-quality materials like strong velcro, foam rubber, and bristle. These materials help you throw punches comfortably, whether one or two combos or powerful strikes.


Since all of the gloves from the brand are premium, genuine leather gloves, they’re all durable and can be used for years. Specifically, cowhide leather is an affordable form of animal leather that’s durable and flexible, which are both important for boxing gloves. Cowhide leather also shares characteristics with buffalo leather—both are known for their toughness.

Aside from that, this type of leather offers odor and moisture control most of the time as well. The material doesn’t trap moisture, unlike synthetic leather. This prevents it from getting easily damaged from moisture and prevents the buildup or growth of smelling mold. This means all Cleto Reyes gloves can hold their premium leather scent even after months of regular use.

In fact, many previous users of the brand's gloves reported that they can hold up very well even after two months of regular hard training. Pro boxers often choose these gloves because they stay in excellent condition, almost like new ones. Their durability allows you to use them for at least three years or even longer.

Padding and Attached Thumbs

All Cleto Reyes boxing gloves have two main items or qualities to ensure protection: padding and attached thumbs.


These gloves are made with long-lasting latex foam padding. They’re well-padded for shock absorption, helping protect yourself from injuries. However, the amount of padding for each type and model has varied.

Most of the brand’s gloves for training are made with a good amount of padding. But the Cleto Reyes Super Bag Gloves Extra Padding has a half-inch additional padding on top of the knuckles for extra protection. Meanwhile, their regular bag gloves have more lightweight latex foam padding for more power and speed in your punches.

Furthermore, their professional boxing gloves are unique since horsehair is also used for padding. On the other hand, the Safetec gloves have molded foam padding for better shock absorption and have full padding in all parts of each glove. Depending on your needs and skill level, you can choose a pair of gloves with different amounts of padding. This is not just for protection but for performance as well.

Attached Thumbs

An attached thumb in a pair of boxing gloves means that the thumb part of the gloves is connected to the fingers with a piece of leather. It’s an innovative design upgrade since many boxers were prone to injuries in the early days of boxing because the thumb parts moved.

This is what makes Cleto Reyes’ boxing gloves superior in the market. They have attached thumbs to keep the thumb in place. This provides protection not only to the user but also to the opponent. Attached thumbs prevent eye injury and limit the risks of thumb injury.


Aside from protection, your comfort when using gloves is also important. Your gloves should feel comfortable and fit well to move your hands properly. They need to fit well, not too loose and not too tight. Ultimately, this would depend on the weight and type of gloves you use.

So, depending on your needs, it’s best to choose a pair of Cleto Reyes boxing gloves that would be comfortable for you to use. However, aside from those, any gloves' lining and closure system also affect their comfort.


Most Cleto Reyes boxing gloves have a comfortable and water-repellent lining. This lining prevents moisture, or sweat, from getting absorbed into and entering the padding of the gloves. Aside from ensuring durability, this ensures that the weight of your gloves is constant with every use.

Plus, the materials used with all Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are breathable, especially cow leather. This ensures that your hand will get less sweaty when using the gloves.

Closure Type/System

Gloves, in general, can have either lace-up or Velcro strap closures. Both can be used for all-around training and offer a comfortable fit, but they differ from each other. Lace-up offers better wrist support and protection, so you’ll be comfortable throwing punches. They’re less bulky as well. This makes them ideal for many bag workouts and some sparring.

Plus, most lace-up gloves usually have extra padding on the wrist arts for improved comfort. Most importantly, lace-up closures are standard with professional gloves since they pose no risk of scratching your opponents.

This is why the Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing Gloves have lace-up closures. However, you have to consider that lace-up closures would require the help of another person to lace up your gloves for you, which can be a hassle.

On the other hand, Velcro straps or hook-and-loop closures are easier for you to use. Also, the straps themself offer an amount of support and protection. Plus, they usually come in different fastening styles of Velcro straps.

For example, the new Cleto Reyes Hero Double Loop Boxing Gloves have shorter cuffs and a double-contact leather strap to better fit the wrists. This is completely different from their regular Hook & Loop gloves. If you only use the gloves for training and not for competitions, you can get a pair with Velcro straps.

Style and Design

Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are known for their designs, which ensure a good fit for any boxer. They have anatomical designs so your fist can fit comfortably inside. This results from them being in the industry for a long time—they know precisely what boxers need.

Lastly, the different Cleto Reyes boxing gloves come in various styles. So choosing the right one  would depend on your preferences. All gloves from the brand come in a variety of colors and combinations. You can get gloves in classic black and red colors or go funkier with gloves in a Mexican flag or U.S.A. flag color scheme.


Are Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves Worth It?

Top-quality boxing gloves made with premium materials and design are the best. That’s why getting boxing gloves from Cleto Reyes is worth it. They offer a wide selection of boxing gloves in different styles and features. This ensures you can find a pair of Cleto Reyes boxing gloves for your boxing needs, whether for sparring or competitions. They can keep your hands and wrists well protected.

If you want to take a look at some of their products, visit our Cleto Reyes gloves collections. We offer all the gloves manufactured by the brand for competitive prices!