Best Boxing Gloves for Home Workouts in 2024

Best Boxing Gloves for Home Workouts in 2024

Boxing is one of the best workouts to strengthen and tone the body. Anyone with any level of experience, beginner or not, can practice it even at home. The first step is finding and getting the right pair of boxing gloves. It will help you feel and look the part.

In this guide, learn what factors and qualities to look for and consider during the choosing process. At the same time, for an easier process, the best boxing gloves in the market are compiled and listed below. Find out which gloves and features would suit you best.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Pair

Wearing boxing gloves is essential in boxing. Its main benefit is to protect your hands, knuckles, and wrists while working out. Different types of gloves also offer different purposes and benefits, and using the wrong gloves can do you more harm than good. That’s why it’s important, especially for beginners, to use the right pair—to enjoy the boxing experience safely.

It’s also for this reason that you need to consider the following factors and qualities when assessing your options:

Type or Style of Gloves

Most of them are specifically designed for a certain style of training you want to go with boxing. Here are the main and common styles you can get:

Training Gloves

These are commonly considered as the all-around boxing gloves type. You can use them for a wide variety of practices, such as bag and work or partner drills. Most of the time, this is what you’ll be using, and these gloves are usually measured by weight. However, they’re also not labeled as “training gloves” at times, so your search results might only refer to them as boxing gloves.

Sparring Gloves

This type is specifically designed for sparring to protect yourself and your partner. Although you can use any type of gloves for this training, most brands sell specific sparring gloves with optimized features for the activity. They’re usually bigger than training gloves and are more cushioned.

Competition/Professional Gloves

These are only designed for people who are joining boxing competitions. They’re like the premium of training gloves as they have stiffer features to accommodate impact during the fight. Although you most likely won’t be using this type of gloves, it’s still best to know about them.

Muay Thai Gloves

Remember that Muay Thai is a completely different sport than boxing. These types of gloves are specifically designed to offer protection from more potential points of attack. These gloves also have more flexibility in terms of grip. People who do boxing use this type simply because of its shape and the mentioned features.


Boxing gloves typically have leather or faux-leather outer material, both expensive and inexpensive types. The material you should pay attention to is the one used for the inner part of the glove. Some gloves have water-resistant linings, so their paddings won’t absorb any sweat. However, this can result in slippery gloves.

On the other hand, some gloves only have foam, while some have a nylon-like lining. Many users go for the linings since they help prevent sweat from getting absorbed by the glove.


Boxing gloves are sized based on their weight, usually in ounces. Each brand manufacturer has their own appropriate sizing chart that displays what size corresponds to the user’s weight, height, and even hand circumference. For your reference, the heavier the weight, the more padding a glove has. To ensure a good fit, make sure to look for and check these charts.

Closure Type

A pair of gloves can have two main types of closure systems: lace-up or hook-and-loop. Lace-up gloves use laces to secure your hands in the gloves, while the hook-and-loop use straps to do so.

Although both ensure that your hands stay in place, a lace-up offers the traditional gloves look and feel. On the other hand, a hook-and-loop can offer an easier on-and-off experience. If you don’t have anyone to tighten and tie up your laces, going for a hook-and-loop closure would be a better option. 


It’s best to decide on and set a budget ahead of time. This is to ensure you’ll only buy a pair of gloves that’s within your budget. This is important as prices can become quite steep. 

Generally, there are great options for any budget. Gloves can cost from $25 to $200, sometimes a little over that. There are contributing factors to the cost, like the brand, type, and material. If you’re new to boxing, you can always go for a cheaper and more affordable option and then upgrade later on. 


13 Best Boxing Gloves to Use in 2024

Based on their reputation, qualities, and features, here are some of the best gloves you can get to start boxing at home:

1. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

The attention to detail is what makes the Hayabusa T3 gloves worth it. It’s a high-quality glove that can be used by both professionals and beginners. Its outside leather material looks and feels good, while its internal lining offers breathability during workouts. It also has five layers of special foam for maximum shock absorption.

On top of these, this pair of gloves has a unique splinting system for wrist support. This is what makes it a suitable option for beginners. It has a semi-rigid “splint” across the wrist that keeps the arm straight and knuckles in place when throwing a punch. This and its dual-strap closure system offer the perfect fit and security for any user.


  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 18


  • Tough outer material
  • Tons of color options to choose from
  • Interlocking wrist wraps
  • It can be used for heavy bags or sparring
  • Ergonomic thumb pocket


  • It can be a bit pricey for beginners
  • Dual straps can make it a hassle to put on and take off

2. Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Gloves

The Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Gloves are your best option if you want professional-level gloves. It’s anatomically designed to help users prepare their hands for hard training. It’s a reliable, sturdy pair of gloves to keep your hands safe during heavy bag workouts and intense sparring sessions.

It features a high-quality build and craftsmanship, even the stitching. It has a durable latex foam padding can provide knuckle support for every punch you throw. It also has water-repellent linings to ensure the padding won’t absorb sweat. Plus, its hook and loop closure will keep your hands stable and comfortable when training.


  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 14


  • Feels lightweight when throwing a punch
  • Padding can withstand intense, repeated use
  • Wide range of colors and designs to choose from
  • Attached thumb for injury prevention


  • On the expensive side

3. Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves 

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Everlast Elite Pro Style gloves are among the best. It’s ideal for both training and bag work. Their design conforms to the natural shape of your fist. This offers support and keeps your arm aligned when working out. Plus, with its layers of foam, your hand is well-protected through every strike.

One of its best features is the patented EverMesh ventilation design. It covers the palm and helps keep your hands cold and dry, especially during long sessions. The wrist support is even hourglass-shaped to stabilize your hand and wrist.


  • Material: Premium Synthetic Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 8oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz
  • Number of Available Colors: at least 8


  • Mesh palm ventilation for temperature control
  • It’s suitable for beginners
  • It offers great value for money
  • Easy to take off hook-and-loop closure


  • Velcro can loosen over time
  • The straps can be challenging to fasten

4. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Although this pair is mainly used by Muay Thai fighters, the Venum Elite gloves are also great for boxing. It’s a beginner-friendly option because of its versatility and comfortable design. It has a dense foam padding with a fully attached thumb that keeps your hand as safe as possible. You don’t have to worry about your thumb slipping out of position.

You can use it for bag work, sparring, and mitt training. With its triple-density padding, shock absorption is enhanced, so you won’t feel as sore after workouts. It also comes with perforations in the palm for extra ventilation to avoid sweaty palms and leaving odors in the gloves.


  • Material: Semi Faux Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 20


  • Reinforced palms for better shock absorption
  • Affordable
  • Available in a wide range of colors and styles
  • Easy to adjust Velcro strap


  • Padding can be too thick for some users
  • Tend to be looser than other gloves

5. Cleto Reyes Safetec Gloves

The Cleto Reyes Safetec boxing gloves are another brand favorite. It’s a pro-style pair of gloves designed for optimum training and workouts. It has a two-layer dense foam padding for shock absorption and full padding on the front, back, and wrist to help you properly punch.

The gloves are specially designed to conform to the natural shape of your fist. It even has a thumb lock feature for extra safety. You can use it for sparring or bag work comfortably and safely. Plus, this uses laces to keep your hand secured and in place instead of straps.


  • Material: Genuine Cow Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 8oz, 10oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 7


  • Molded-foam design for hard-hitting techniques
  • Made by Mexican hands quality control
  • Traditional lace-up closure design
  • It’s considered a professional fight gloves


  • Lace-up closure can make it hard to put on and take off alone
  • It can be a bit pricey

6. Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Gloves

The Sanabul Essential GEL gloves offer professional gear for a price that won’t break the bank. This is your best option if you’re a vegan or vegetarian looking for an environmentally friendly pair of gloves. The brand has completely transitioned to using man-made materials to help protect the environment.

The gloves have an easy-to-clean exterior and interior design. It features gel-infused impact protection so you can feel the power of your punches with little to no pain. It also has a unique longitudinal arch design for no break-in periods. It’s a versatile pair of gloves that you can use for other sports aside from boxing, like kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and more.


  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 8


  • Beginner and budget-friendly
  • Soft foam interior
  • Hook-and-loop closure for extra wrist support
  • Suitable for heavy bag training


  • Users reported that the padding isn’t thick enough for shock absorption

7. Fairtex BGV1 Training Sparring Gloves

The Fairtex BGV1 training gloves are versatile and can be used for boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. It has a thick exterior that can withstand intense training for a long time. It also comes with a sturdy and flexible wrist wrap for optimized performance.

It’s a well-built pair of gloves with reinforced stitching and a snug-fit design. These qualities ensure that your hand is well-protected for your training and workouts. Plus, it comes with three layers of foam padding to absorb the impacts of your punches.


  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 23


  • High-quality leather material for an affordable price
  • Durable despite its softness
  • The hook shape is ideal for kickboxing
  • Ergonomic design for a tight fit
  • Handmade in Thailand


  • May take a while to break in

8. Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing Gloves

If you want to completely go traditional and professional, go for the Cleto Reyes Professional gloves. It’s also referred to as the Cleto Reyes Official Lace Up Competition Boxing Gloves and is one of the most recognized professional gloves in the market. It has a sleek, Mexican design that makes you feel like a pro, even at home.

This pair of gloves features a traditional slim glove design for high precision quality. It comes with a water-repellent nylon lining to prevent sweat absorption. It also features attached thumbs to protect your thumb and prevent eye injury.


  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 8oz, 10oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 13


  • Stuffed with horsehair
  • It has extra long laces
  • Lace-up closure to ensure a snug fit and wrist support


  • It can be a bit pricey
  • Only available in two sizes or weights

9. Byakko Boxing Gloves

The Byakko Boxing Gloves are one of the best-underrated gloves available in the market. It’s a handcrafted pair of gloves with a premium build for ultimate durability and performance during training and workouts. It has three layers of foam to protect your hands from the impact of your punches. It even features a stable wrist support to comfort and avoid injuries. 

These gloves are designed to withstand heavy use with their durable exterior, thick padding, and triple stitching. Their interiors are also moisture resistant, and the palm has a breathable mesh material for temperature control. Its closure system has long cuffs for a more snug and comfortable fit. 


  • Material: Cowhide Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 3


  • Excellent bar for grip and comfort
  • Dual wrist straps to secure the gloves in place
  • Easy on and off Velcro
  • It’s affordable 


  • May fit too snuggly or be too oversized

10. Cleto Reyes Traditional Lace Training Gloves

If you want a Cleto Reyes pair of gloves for heavy training, the Traditional Lace Training Gloves are a go-to option. These gloves are preferred and used by many professionals and amateur champions all over the world. The pair features a traditional Mexican design and craftsmanship with its lace-up closure style.

These gloves are made with durable foam padding for ultimate comfort and protection. They’re suitable for use in sparring, training, and heavy bags. Like other models in the same brand, it has a water-repellent inner lining that prevents sweat and moisture from entering the padding. This also prevents odor accumulation in the gloves caused by sweat.


  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 9


  • Attached thumbs for injury prevention
  • Has sleek, anatomical overall design
  • Manufactured under the strictest quality control
  • Multiple colors to choose from like solid gold, metallic purple, and more


  • On the expensive side

11. Cleto Reyes Kids Boxing Gloves

If your kid is interested in trying out boxing at home, you should get the Cleto Reyes Kids Boxing Gloves for them. This pair of gloves has the same exact design and quality as the Cleto Reyes Pro Training Gloves but for a smaller size. These gloves are specifically designed for kids ages 3 to 5.

The gloves are handmade to meet youth competition requirements. They also have water-repellent linings to prevent sweat and moisture absorption. They even come with a hook and loop closure for easy adjustments.


  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 5.6oz each
  • Number of Available Colors: 5


  • It comes with attached thumbs to avoid any injuries
  • The linings help maintain the weight
  • It’s affordable
  • Same quality and comfort as a regular training glove


  • Only for kids
  • Available in one size or weight only

12. Fiving Boxing Gloves

If you’re a beginner who doesn't want to invest and spend too much on your first gloves, the Fiving Boxing Gloves is a good choice. It’s one of the most affordable boxing gloves on this list and in the market. Despite its price tag, this pair features a blend of comfort, durability, and performance.

These gloves feature a pre-curved anatomic hand design that ensures a more natural and comfortable fit for your hands. They mimic the natural alignment of your fist as well, so you can throw proper punching techniques without injuring yourself. This pair also comes with a velcro wrist closure for added wrist support. Aside from boxing, you can use these gloves for kickboxing, sparring, and Muay Thai.


  • Material: Polyurethane (PU) Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz
  • Number of Available Colors:


  • Ventilated palm design for breathability
  • Easy-to-clean synthetic exterior
  • It promotes correct punching practices
  • Velcro closure for convenience


  • The PU leather may not offer the same feel as genuine leather
  • Some users reported that they felt a bit bulky

13. Cleto Reyes High Precision Gloves

The Cleto Reyes High Precision Gloves offer maximum versatility with their innovative design. Unlike most Cleto Reyes boxing gloves, this pair of gloves has a shorter cuff. This feature makes the gloves lighter and more comfortable to use. Plus, it has an ergonomic hand placement for your hand’s security during hard training.

But the best feature of this pair of gloves is its moldable padding that’s ready to train. This makes the gloves suitable for general training and heavy bag workouts. You can even enjoy a special edition art design on the gloves’ wrist straps, which isn’t present in other models of the same brand.


  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Sizes/Weights: 10oz, 12oz. 14oz, 16oz
  • Number of Available Colors: 4


  • Unique wrist design
  • Hook and loop closure for a secure fit
  • Durable padding 
  • Easy on-off straps


  • It can be a bit pricey



Using the right boxing gloves for your experience level, weight, and preferences is the best way to ensure ultimate safety and comfort when boxing. Aside from the features, consider the type, materials used, the manufacturer’s sizing, and the costs when choosing. 

For the best boxing gloves, you can refer to the list above. But if you want more options, visit our boxing gloves collection.